This project emerged out of what was already happening in the Church of God and has been true of the Movement for over 100 years—fighting for the freedom of those most vulnerable. Sexual exploitation has truly gripped our heart and moved us to action. We’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past three years to bolster the work of ministry partners on the front line in the fight against human trafficking around the world. As we entered this fight, though, it was inevitable that we would begin to see roots of this dark world exposed—the beast that is feeding this atrocity all points back to the imperfect heart of humanity. If there were no craving for lustful carnal gratification, sexual exploitation would not be the multi-billion-dollar industry that it is. So how do we begin to take a look in the mirror as we simultaneously work to advance the good work happening on behalf of rescued, healing, and transitioning victims of sexual exploitation?


Responding to the challenge that stands before us begins with:
  • Pursuing honesty and accountability within our churches
  • Getting proactive in our effort to create cultures of purity in our spheres of influence
  • Advancing the good work of our ministry partners on the front lines of this work in the world