Tools for Freedom Sunday

Our work is not finished. Watch for news on how you can stop human tracking, starting with your community. Tracklight 2.0 is coming soon.

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As a united body of believers, our growth in awareness of human trafficking and our steps towards action to abolish modern day slavery must be centered and grounded in prayer. Here are some specific actions involving prayer that you can take as an individual or as a church body. These are taken from the book Justice Awakening, by Eddie Byun (pages 112–6); note that in Justice Awakening there is a prayer guide at the end of each chapter.

  •  Focus your prayer on one of these topics:
    • Pray for the victims.
    • Pray for the traffickers.
    • Pray for justice in the justice system.
    • Pray for the “breaking grounds” to be destroyed.
    • Pray for the organizations on the frontlines.
    • Pray for the church to rise up.
    • Pray for more intercessors.
    • Repent for the sins we have committed.
    • Pray for the end of human trafficking and modern-day slavery.
  • Partner with your prayer ministry
  • Prayer walk in your community
  • Join a 24/7 prayer chain. Your church can create its own prayer chain or join forces with an existing prayer chain. One existing prayer chain is affiliated with Exodus Cry:
  • The Red Light Initiative. “Each time you are waiting at a red light in your car, pray for the removal of the red-light districts in your city, community, and country. Pray for the victims of sex trafficking to be set free and healed” (Byun, 115).
  • Fasting
  • Create a human trafficking prayer labyrinth/stations. Here are two different guides (PDF):


Here are some suggested contemporary songs and hymns with a justice or freedom theme that could be used in your services.


Here are two sermons on human trafficking and justice by Eddie Byun, author of Justice Awakening:“


Looking for a speaker? Consider connecting with a specific ministry engaged in anti–human trafficking efforts and ask for a representative from that ministry to come and speak with your congregation. Possibilities include:


Whether as an individual or a church body, please consider giving to the 1,000 x $1,000 campaign. We are praying for individuals and churches to give $1,000,000 to help combat human trafficking on a global scale. This fundraising campaign will conclude in June 2015. To give, click here.

Youth Pastors & Students

A growing number of pre-teens and teens are being targeted by traffickers, and the means by which they are targeted include “social media websites, telephone chat-lines, after school programs, on the streets, at shopping malls, in clubs, or through other students who are used by traffickers to recruit other victims. In fact, a person can be trafficked without ever leaving his or her hometown.” For more information, download the Blue Campaign’s flyer “Human Trafficking 101 for School Administrators and Staff.”

  •  Prevention. Here are some resources to help in your prevention efforts:
  • Awareness. In addition to prevention efforts, some great awareness building initiatives suggested in Justice Awakening include:
    • Traffik 911 Brochure
    • 4 Common Myths Flyer
    • Social media & blogs. An easy way to build awareness is to post and blog stories on trafficking. Use your social circles.
    • Campaigns. Organize or join a campaign that brings awareness to anti–human trafficking efforts while possibly also doing some fundraising for anti–human trafficking organizations and after-care centers. The A21 Campaign Walk for Freedom is just one campaign with which you could join.
    • Screenings. Show one of the suggested videos during one of your gatherings.

Small Groups & Sunday School

  • Justice Awakening, by Eddie Byun, provides group discussion questions at the close of each chapter to engage group participants in discussing topics from the chapter.
  • Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAAST) has created an excellent church toolkit that includes the “Human Trafficking Prevention Bible Study”.

Men's Ministry

One of the reasons that human trafficking is on the rise is because there is a demand. Some men contribute to that demand by viewing pornography. Lust is at the core. One way to reduce human trafficking is to challenge men to examine what they view on their phones, tablets, or home computers while also examining what lies within their own hearts. Seek to provide genuine accountability. Specific ministries that provide such engagement, discussion, and support include:

Women's Ministry

Women are often known for their compassionate responses to justice issues. The possibilities of engaging in anti–human trafficking efforts are numerous and could take on various facets. Possibilities include volunteering at local after-care centers, starting a prayer group, fundraising, or mentoring young girls in your community.

Another important piece to consider is our purity. Pornography has typically been identified as a male issue, but the number of women viewing pornography is growing. Lust fuels the demand for pornography, which then increases the profits and the spiritual hold of the sex industry. If you are struggling with an addiction to pornography, seek accountability and support. Some resources include:

Missions/Community Outreach

Jesus Christ proclaimed that he was sent to set others free. Jesus is the subject, and as his followers, we are also called to set men and women free from their earthly bonds. How can we ignore modern-day slavery? We can take action. Here are a few ways to fight trafficking:

  • Start an anti–trafficking campaign in your community. Rally others around key areas of fighting trafficking: raising awareness, prevention, compassion for trafficking victims, providing services that transform lives of trafficking victims, building community with victims of and those who are most vulnerable to trafficking.
  • Get trained to work directly with victims of sex trafficking in your community. CHOG TraffickLight has regional trainings available for you to attend. View upcoming training events here.
  • Start a ministry through your church or organization that fights trafficking or involves outreach to trafficking victims and those at risk.
  • Connect with ministries serving on the frontlines of anti–human trafficking efforts by going on a short term missions experience. See our list of organizations to explore possible partnerships.


Labor trafficking accounts for a significant portion of human trafficking worldwide. As Western consumers, it’s easy to purchase items without considering the process by which products come to be on the shelf or who was involved in the production process. Given the information available today, we can become more knowledgeable about the production process of items we consume.

Your church can become more aware of companies and products that provide products that do not use slave labor. Here are some sites to foster that awareness: